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Please contact me to discuss your organisation's training needs. Fees are negotiable.

My experience of delivering training and facilitating workshops includes:

  • Support Planning
  • Needs and Risk Assessment
  • Working with 'Personality Disorders'
  • Music and drumming
  • Introduction to NLP for Health and Wellbeing

Some further details on some of my trainings are below.

Facilited Self-Learning (FSL)

This is a unique format for small-group learning, designed initially during my work in Supported Housing.

I draw on my coaching and therapeutic skills to facilitate a group to learn about the things most important to them.

The format is weekly meetings (typically 2 hours) over a number of weeks (perhaps eight, depending on the group, and funding).

The clients agree what it is they want to explore and share with each other (e.g. building confidence, success stories, coping strategies, mindfulness skills) and then research the issues themselves each week (perhaps with input from Support Workers or Carers). The group returns the following week to share their knowledge and discoveries, and to support each other's learning. I facilitate the discussion, add my own knowledge to the group, teach simple techniques, coach clients in their weekly practice, and also learn with the clients. I take notes and summarise each session, and keep the course on track.

This approach may be best suited to reasonably motivated clients who are used to groupwork (e.g. clients managing drug and alcohol issues).

To discuss how this may be a useful tool for your clients, contact me here.



Working with 'Personality Disorders'

I can tailor a half-, one- or two-day training in practical interventions for frontline staff.

The training draws on several years of daily experience working with clients with this diagnosis, participation in the Pan-London Personality Disorders Network (facilitated by the Kings Fund), and on tailored training in a number of useful approaches including elements of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, CBT and NLP.

The material I share here has, in my own work, led to reduced rates of client hospitalisation and self-harm, fewer mental-health 'crises', incidents and social problems, improved positive outcomes for clients (e.g. attending courses and work), and much happier staff teams.