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Music Workshops
Since 2006 I have been facilitating Singing and Percussion groups for people with Learning Difficulties, and since 2010 for people with Dementia.
I can of course tailor sessions to suit the needs of your group. Rates will vary depending on your organisation, so feel free to ring me to discuss.

My preferred format I like to call...

'Social Singing' or 'Mindful Music'

This format comes from my experience of what tends to work best with people with a Dementia or Learning Difficulties diagnosis. It focuses very much on the Social and In-The-Moment benefits of group singing and percussion, and has a very informal, light-hearted feel.

I facilitate a wide selection of songs, old and new, mostly with steady rhythms and catchy choruses. Most often I will accompany the group on guitar or ukulele, and offer simple percussion or shakers to the participants. The format shares many of the aspects and benefits of the '
Singing For The Brain
' format, popular with Dementia groups. I can, of course, be more flexible than such formats sometimes demand, and respond to the needs of your specific group.

The focus is very much on providing a joyful experience in the here and now, and an easy way for people to be social when other forms of social interaction (such as conversation) may be difficult. Within the informal structure, I am very much led by the participants, and can develop new material according to their wishes, encourage participants to facilitate or lead the group (if appropriate), sing, dance, shake and drum and express themselves. My focus is very much on performing *with* the group rather than *for* the group.

In this sense these groups are quite different from the 'Community Choir' model -- we are not learning material to perform to others at a later date. Rather we are coming together to enjoy the moment. The therapeutic benefits of social interaction and mindfulness are, of course, widely documented in the dementia and mental health fields. Indeed, in some cases of dementia, music is often the most important way for the person to make contact with those around them.

If you get the feeling this would benefit your group, do
ring me to discuss.