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SER technique

The Symptom-Energy Recycling (SER) technique was developed in association with my colleagues in the Training and Transformation Group.

It is pleasant, easily-learned, and designed to help manage or even eliminate symptoms. It can be taught in a single session, or even over the phone.

The technique, once learned, can be self-applied to almost any symptom, and in this respect is similar to EFT-style processes.

However, SER is not based on speculating any mystical energy systems. It is a straightforward NLP-style technique that requires only a little careful coaching and then regular application. Using it can also be a good way to get useful information for some of the 'deeper' processes, such as Core Transformation.

So far, SER has been used with clients presenting with a range of symptoms including those linked to anxiety, eczema, insomnia and pain.

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